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MFA = Mission Financial Advisors and/or it's Licensed Representatives

Investor(s) = New and/or existing client/clientele of MFA

FREE Retirement Plan = Document; Retirement Planning; Retirement Plan; Plan; Financial Plan


*A minimum investment account of $50,000 or more is required to qualify for free retirement planning. MFA offers Advisory Accounts, Annuities, and Mutual Funds, which may not be suitable for all investors.  You should carefully consider all associated: fees: potential loss of your principal; possible tax implications; time frame(s); surrender charges and penalties; potential illiquidity;  and other various factors that may impact your financial situation.  Advisory accounts, Annuities, and Mutual Funds are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed, and may lose value.  Please carefully read all prospectuses and disclosures prior to investing.

Retirement plans are generated no greater than once per anum.  Planning is not available for households with liquid assets totaling less than $50,000.  

MFA is under no obligation to contact clients for the purposes of creating a retirement plan, or subsequent plans.  MFA is under no obligation to provide on-going planning services.  MFA maintains the discretion to provide no greater than one retirement plan per year, per client household.  MFA maintains discretion to discontinue retirement planning services at any time. 

MFA does not guarantee the accuracy of a retirement plan, and relies upon client supplied data, third-party statements, and third-party software to generate plans.  These plans are subject to both computer/software and human error(s).   A retirement plan does not guarantee a given result(s), and or outcome(s).  Data input should be reviewed by the client for accuracy and completeness.  Plans may require clients to complete or perform various actions (i.e. Draft Estate Documentation; Consult a Tax Advisor; Update Beneficiaries; Save Additional Money; Pay Down Debt(s); Purchase various Insurance policies; Etc.), and MFA is not responsible for the oversight of these client tasks/responsibilites.  Also, any action-steps, goals, or any scenario illustrated or projected DOES NOT, in any way, predict or guarantee, any given outcome for the client.  

Retirement planning can examine various scenarios that are complex in nature (taxes; estate planning; medical insurance; employee benefits; social security; divorce; major medical expense; market risk; timing risk; etc.), and therefore, investors should consult other licensed professionals when planning: Attorneys; Tax Professionals; Insurance Agents; Medical Professionals; Employee Benefits Department(s); Government Entities (i.e. Social Security Office); and other misc. licensed professionals and entities that can help aide in their retirement planning.  A retirement plan represents a culmination of data and assumptions that are subject to change and subject to computer or human error(s).  You should carefully review your retirement planning document for accuracy.  Retirement Plans cannot plan for all risk(s): (i.e. Political Risk; Lawsuits; Natural Disasters; Wars; Acts of God; Etc.)  You assume full responsibility for notifying MFA of ANY inaccuracies in your plan, and or ANY changes that pertain to your financial situation.  A Retirement Plan is purely hypothetical, and does NOT guarantee an outcome and/or a result. Past performance is NOT a guarantee of future results.